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The first experience with Samsung Galaxy Tab A was almost perfect till I started to watch the Inferno movie (that I missed at the end of last year) and the player was first lagging then completely stuck so I had to kill the application. After the player restart it ran more smoothly but still far from perfect. Now my celly started to disappoint me. Its battery becomes a real bottleneck that dries almost instantly during heady use and completely discharges when I carry it in a pocket on a slope though it was just -4C yesterday. Also it gets really slow and runs out of memory all the time. When I was looking for a tablet device in a mall I saw a number of Samsung phones that attracted my attention especially A7 2016 one but it has AMOLED screen that is completely out of my preference list. Also all modern phones require nano SIM card so I need to visit my operator's office as well to be able to use one.

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Today was the best skiing day of my life (so far). I have never been sliding so smoothly and amazingly fast before. Due to shrovetide there were just a few people on the slope (and no kids thanks Lord) and since the temperature dropped below zero snow wasn't wet. There were plenty of ice but due to my improved skill I was able to ride through it with no drifting. Even the red slope ceased to frighten me though the speed becomes so high even a slight mistake may bring severe casualties.
My knee was aching again so I had to make a break though later on I noticed the pain subsided when I started to do squats while riding a lift and also periodically redistribute my weight between feet.
All in all it was the last ride this winter and what comes next is wet and slow spring sliding.

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Finally I forced myself to leave sofa and walk to the next shopping mall. There were three boutiques selling tablets as well as smartphones. I checked all three but only one offered Sony devices and those were smartphones with prices going far beyond Samsung ones. From the tablets I saw a wide range of cheap ones so I focused on 10 inch displays only with robust CPUs and enough memory. Actually there were only three options there - an HP one based in Windows 10 that I rejected instantly, Samsung Tab S with AMOLED screen and Tab A with LCD one. The latter two were also equipped with LTE modem that I have no use for but there was no choice but to accept it. After watching a web page for a couple of minutes on AMOLED display my eyes watered and it became obvious the device isn't suitable for reading at all. So I chose Tab A.
The customer assistant was a pretty ginger gal that chatted with no end and even offered me a cup of coffee while she served the order. I was almost ready to ask her out but then I saw a ring on her finger. What a pity I'm always late. Anyway now I have a new tablet device though with no screen protector that runs amazingly fast and doesn't crash.

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It's raining outside. The wind is blasting and the drops of rain a drumming on my window. It's still supposed to be winter while I'm still supposed to be snowboarding but alas in such weather conditions I won't even dare drive the local roads till the temperature drops way below zero once again.

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It took me 24min to swim crawl 1km without a break. Maybe I could do it faster but the swimming pool was full today and I had to slow down and swim around retired people or young couples who were moving slowly or standing still in the middle of a lane. I cannot say it was tough, my muscles got accustomed to swimming but I felt headache like it happens when atmospheric pressure suddenly changes. It was probably due to the previous day that I spent in bed with no physical activity.
Somewhere after 600m I felt my body has become flexible and the movements so smooth and easy that my speed increased significantly but it lasted for a couple of hundred metres so when I approached the kilometre I slowed down to get some rest and recover my breathe.
After that when I swam the second kilometre I've got really angry with myself and all the calamity that had befallen on me recently that doubled my strength so I've completely forgotten how tired I'd become by that time.
That was my swimming coach who gave me such a valuable advice - when you feel you're exhausted and there is no way out get really angry and the anger will give you the necessary strength. Indeed there are situations when there is no choice but to wield a battleaxe and break through the enemy shieldwall like a berserk.

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There was a snowfall last night just enough to bury my car under a thick blanket. Now the temperature is again slightly above zero so everything is melting and turning into mud. Instead of driving to the slope I decided to go to a swimming pool and try to swim one kilometre non-stop. For someone who wasn't able to cover 50m in one piece less than two years ago this is going to be quite an achievement. Witness me...

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Got a lazy day over here. Woke up almost at noon then had a cup a tea with an Ikea cake then get back to bed and immersed into reading the Fry's Chronicles. I'm too exhausted to bother about anything else.
Meanwhile I tried to boot up the dead tablet pc once again after its battery completely discharged. It still doesn't work but after some time I noticed that only heavyweight processes keep crashing but others like calendar or total commander that don't consume a lot of memory and don't write on disk are able to run. The strange thing is I wasn't able to delete any files from the disk like if the entire file system is blocked but I could read without any problem. Also I've managed to run the book reader application. So I still can read the books already stored on the device albeit I need to ignore popup windows appearing from time to time and informing about crashing processes.

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