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Yesterday I was driving to a country mall and slightly zoned out on a road while a pedestrian suddenly appeared so I had to abruptly stop under screeching of brake shoes. There was no crossing so I wasn't prepared to a sudden change of speed of a car in front of me and therefore to avoid a collision I sacrificed my tires and brake shoes. On the other hand I saved a lot of money on paying for repair of both cars which is unarguably a positive outcome. On internet I stumbled upon a couple of videos where professional archeologists and historians are explaining various aspects of famous medieval battles busting myths and providing plenty of technical details that were able to turn my understanding of medieval life in Eastern Europe upside down. Since in this blog medieval history occupies a significant share I'll post the most pivotal findings from the discussion over here later on.

Illustration showing the moment the Schiaparelli lander was to jettison its back shell and parachute and ignite its descent engines. A preliminary analysis suggests this stage happened prematurely, likely the result of a software error.

'Amaq News Agency reported that two "soldiers of the Islamic State" carried out the armed attack in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod.
It was a tough day in a swimming pool today. After a week of almost no physical activity I forced myself to go to the gym on Monday then plunged into water today. At first it was very easy and for around a kilometre of swimming crawl I felt relaxed but after covering one and a half kilometres my upper arms started to ache and in the end I was completely exhausted like if I covered four or five instead. On the way home I walked by a pond in close proximity to the office where domesticated ducks used to swim at summer. The ducks were still there but they looked rather perplexed and confused for the surface of the pond is now covered in ice so the birds were walking on it and trying to brake it with their beaks and feet but to no avail. As I've never been to a countryside at winter I'm not aware of what do domesticated birds at winter time. Do they hibernate or just sit quietly in a haystack and wait till the ice melts away?
A view of the downtown from the east
How does it look like from 11km altitude
We have quite a commotion over here. When I was changing tires police and secret service personnel pulled over a Daewoo Nexia car in a neighbourhood next to mine. There were three people inside. Those people started to shoot and wounded two law enforcement officers. In an ensuing gunfight two people inside the car were killed, one captured alive and an explosive device was discovered which is now being deactivated by a remotely operated machine. I used to think my hometown is a peaceful place far from any tumult that nowadays rocks the foundation of our existence. It was reported that the terrorists were members of some notorious group located on the Northern Caucasus therefore those are likely a home-grown threat.
The sun is shining so bright like it was trying to deceive me into thinking it's still warm and there is no prospect of coming winter. I'm gonna go change tires today for it is a known fact the air temperature is gonna drop down to zero pretty soon and we are about to see the first snow over here. Also the plan is to come around to the local cinema and purchase tickets for the Frankenstein stage adaptation with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Here is the crash site. According to the European space agency the probe hit Mars surface at around 300kmph falling from up to four kilometres height then exploded since its tank was still full of fuel.
And now I need to drive to the city centre and find a parking lot where there is definitely none today. Wish me luck.